VSN HD Camera Kit Review

VSN Mobil has been established 2013 with an exceptional innovative business idea. They will deliver consumer electronics devices that meet the needs of everyday life. The concept of the company has been a success. VSN Mobil has recruited hundreds of experts from the top companies of ITC to create this innovative company and products they can be proud of. The production team has very strong experience of R & D combined total of over 200 global patents. VSN HD Camera Kit is one of their most interesting products. You can install it on your cellphone or on your digital camera within couple of minutes. It has designed for everybody, who need a camera in their works or hobbies and want to get something new point of view to shoot a video or picture. This product has been released to the market just for a while ago.

VSN HD Camera Kit Review

Features & Specifications

  • Shock, dust and waterproof in up to 3 feet of water for 30 minutes
  • Features longer battery life with a large capacity 2610mAh lithium ion battery to capture up to 2
    hours of recording
  • Never miss a shot with 6x the recording view of normal sports action cameras
  • Dual microphones capture and deliver stereo sound to bring everything you hear to life
  • With a GPS, barometer, altimeter and an accelerometer, the V.360 camera tracks every more you make

VSN HD Camera Kit Test & Review

VSN HD Camera Kit is totally new kind of product at the market, which tells a lot about creativity of VSN Mobil. It was obvious, that we were extremely excited to test their fascinating new product. I have to say, that we got more than expected. This product has a huge potential at the market. It is combined with the practicality and the latest technology. There aren´t any limits to the imagination where you could use this HD Camera Kit! It is phenomenal…

Get VSN Mobil VN0214F06 360 Degree Camera

We tested our testing kit with iPhone and Canon PowerShot G7X HD pocket camera under different conditions without any problems. During our tests we had to answer tens of times to question “What is this attachment in your camera?” from the people, who wondered our action. This tells, how interesting VSN HD Camera Kit really is…

VSN HD Camera Kit is relatively easy to set up your cell phone or your digital camera. The instructions are clearly explained. So, after quite a short practice you will be ready to use it.


  • Innovative product with high-quality design
  • Durable and easy-to-use
  • Global patent
  • High speed recording system
  • Reliability of the tracking system


  • Price is little bit over priced
  • Outlook of the package is too modest

Get VSN Mobil VN0214F06 360 Degree Camera

After our tests and the experience we got, it won`t be any miracle, if the demand of VSN HD Camera Kit will grow so fast, that company will have some difficulties to deliver all the products to the stores in time. So, you have to be active and purchase the HD Camera Kit of your own right now. You will get lots of fun moments with VSN HD Camera Kit. It will open totally new kind of worl for you! We absolutely recommend the VSN HD Camera Kit for everybody!

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