Sphericam 2 Review

Sphericam 2 Review

Sphericam 2 is a remarkable 360 video camera that you can buy when you need quality from the market. When you  need the best, this should be the video camera that you need to buy during your purchase. With the deals that you would need, you will definitely be certain of a quality camera that you would buy during your market purchase. Here is a Sphericam 2 review that you should know when making that perfect choice.

Sphericam 2 Review

What features does Sphericam 2 have?

Below are some features:

  • 360 Degree Spherical of Panorama images, with dedicated viewing apps that are available for download
  • Spherical Videos that can go up to five minutes in the time duration
  • Video tool in an app allow the changes to shape, size, and composition
  • Upload videos (that can go as 5MB) to or share on the social media avenues such as Twitter, Facebook, or Tumblr
  • Fast Wi-Fi transfer equipped with a new SDK – that allows user to come up with own APPs

This Sphericam 2 is more than just an ordinary camera due to its remarkable features when you need a perfect capture experience of images that you would need. Those who have tried it have been able to make their choices right whenever they are looking for quality purchase. You will enjoy a capture moment from all the angles thus giving you a 360 degree view. With a rugged design, which is resistant to rain, sweat, and dust, liquid, and sand, you will enjoy one of the best video cameras during your market purchase.

The video camera has a 360 Degree Spherical of Panorama images as well as Spherical Videos that can run up to 30 minutes when using them. You will be satisfied at the quality that you would need especially when buying a quality video camera from the market. It is more durable when compared to other options that you would have especially when buying the best from the market. You will definitely be satisfied with the quality that you would buy.

Sphericam 2 have a live view function on the mobile device that you can use whenever you are looking for that best quality you would need when using it. The buyers who have acquired it have been able to use it perfectly whenever you are acquiring the best video camera sold today. With the video camera, you will be able to transfer videos to your mobile device directly without any need of a PC computer since it has remarkable features.

What are the Pros?

  • It has a Full HD Video at rate of 30fps
  • The video camera has a 360 Degree Spherical Video that is Supported by YouTube

What are the Cons?

The main Con of this Sphericam 2 is the expensive cost of buying when compared to other models you would buy from the market.

In conclusion

When you read the above Sphericam 2 review, you will be able to know the features that you must consider if you were to buy a perfect 360 video camera from the market. You can make pre-order on official website.