Samsung Gear 360 Camera For Underwater recording

Here Is All You Want To Know About Samsung Gear 360 Video Camera

Samsung gear 360 video camera will be one of the most challenging and exciting entrant in the 360 degree video camera market. Yes, along with many other models this particular camera from Samsung has the quality to be one of the top contestants in the rat race. Choosing a camera should never be taken lightly. Every feature and specifications are important that manipulates the picture quality of a camera. So in order to make your memories more worthy always look for something that suits your style and requirement. Samsung gear 360 review will give you a very clear understanding about the features and specifications of the camera.

The camera has many great features in its kitty. So if you are looking for a good 360 degree video camera, then Samsung gear definitely worth your attention.

Samsung Gear 360 Camera

Overall look

It won’t be wrong to say that the camera is very smart looking. It has a very impressive built quality. It has a round shape to which perfectly justifies its purpose. The material used is very durable and tough. The camera comes with a tripod, so you can easily help it in your hand to take shots or can even place it in a place for shooting in a more steady way.


It comes with dual 180 degree, 15 MP cameras which face opposite to each other. Thus the camera has no problem in capturing pictures at a full 360 degree. In fact the loveliest thing is even if you want a 180 degree snap you can take that easily with an impressive 30 MP or 15 MP (if you use one camera) as per your choice. The camera has improved itself as the previous model only had 12 MP camera.

Samsung Gear 360 Camera

The resolution of the video recorder is 3840*1920, which is definitely an improved feature over 1080 p resolution.

Battery and storage capacity

Samsung gear 360 is powered with 1350 MAH battery. When fully charged the battery can last up to 2 hours. The battery is replaceable so you can easily carry a spare battery if you want to shoot for a long time. The images and videos are all stored in a micro SD card that can hold 128 GB of data.


The price of the camera has not yet been revealed by Samsung. If the camera is introduced at a very high rate then surely it will face tough competition from some of the Chinese brands that offer pocket friendly 360 degree cameras.

Other features and specification

The gear is equipped with 0.5 inch PMOLED display. You can only select options of the menu there. Excellent connectivity like Bluetooth, wifi allows you to share your experience with everyone.


Samsung gear 360 is something to watch out for. The features are very carefully chosen by the manufacturer so that you get the best shots of your life. Thus if you are planning to buy a cam recorder soon do not hurry on your decisions. Know your requirements and then decide on which one to go for. Samsung gear 360 review contains all information that is true and relevant. Thus going through it gives you a much clarified idea about how much the camera can live up to your expectations.