The Ultimate Comparison of the QooCam 8K vs GoPro MAX

We are going to compare the QooCam 8K vs GoPro MAX and tell you which one is best for your needs. We will look at technical specifications, what each camera can do, and then we’ll let you know which one we think should be your go-to if you’re looking for a new action cam.

About Cameras

QooCam 8K

QooCam 8K

The QooCam 8K Enterprise Industry Version is perfect for professional live streaming, live event vlogging and more. With its full view and live on 8K, 5.7K, and 4K capabilities, this camera is sure to give you the best possible viewing experience. Plus, with dual-lens F2.0 and a FOV of 200°, you can be sure to get the perfect shot every time. Plus, the dual-lens design ensures great quality video every time. 245g in weight and measuring 145*57*33 mm in size, it’s also easy to take this camera with you wherever you go. And with 5G compatibility, you can rest assured that this webcam will keep up with the latest technology.


GoPro Max

GoPro MAX is the most creative GoPro ever. It captures traditional GoPro video and photos or shoots 360 footage of everything around you. You can snap a panoramic shot without having to pan—just point and click. Choose a digital lens to capture your footage exactly how you imagine it. And with six mics on board, you get immersive 360 audio and the best sound we’ve ever delivered.

Technical Characteristics Analysis

The specs of the QooCam seem to show superior hardware. It can shoot 8K video and has larger sensors to capture more light. The QooCam 8K also has internal memory and microphone jacks. So how does the GoPro Max compare? The QooCam 8K will likely produce better quality videos and photos, but the GoPro Max has an excellent software ecosystem. It is also easy to use, and the rugged design won’t allow it to be damaged as easily.


The touch screen on both cameras allows for manual control as well as previewing your shots. Touch screens are a feature that makes it much easier to shoot with these two consumer 360 cameras. You can adjust all settings instantly, just like a modern DSLR.

The Max comes with lens protectors and a toughened rubber coating. The Max was built for action shots. The QooCam 8K, which is less protected, is much more vulnerable. While the GoPro Max is waterproof right out of the box, the QooCam 8K requires an additional case in order to be used in the water.

Video and Photo Quality

QooCam 8K 360 video camera. This camera is a significant upgrade to previous cameras that only had 5.7K. The high resolution will result in excellent video quality with sharp details and minimal pixels. You can create a flat 4K image with your 8K 360 when re-framing 8K footage. This is a significant increase over other cameras. The problem with large-resolution video is the massive file sizes and complicated workflow.

GoPro Max can record 5.6K video at 30fps, which is half the resolution of 8K. The GoPro Max was praised for its superior quality and color, but the camera cannot match the QooCam’s huge resolution. The QooCam uses a larger sensor in its lenses, 1/1.7″ CMOS. This is approximately 50% more than the sensor in the GoPro Max. This allows the QooCam to capture more light and to create a wider dynamic range.

The QooCam’s new slow-motion feature is something the GoPro does not have. Max can only record 30fps at 5K resolution, while the QooCam is capable of shooting 4K video at 120fps. Although the 4K resolution is noticeably less quality, super slow motion makes it a great combination. The Hero Mode on the GoPro MAx is a saving grace. It allows you to use one lens as a regular GoPro action camera. Although Qoocam does not yet have a similar mode, considering the high resolution it can shoot in, one lens would likely produce a superior quality video.

10 Bit Video

The GoPro 5K camera is undoubtedly the best, thanks to GoPro’s outstanding video processing chip. However, the QooCam8K simply outguns it. The QooCam 8K offers a 10-bit video, which allows for a wider range of colors. The QooCam’s 10-bit video capability will allow you to achieve greater flexibility and range if post-processing is important to you.

The story of photography is very similar. The QooCam can take 30mp photos in RAW or RAW+, while the GoPro can only manage 16.6mp without RAW. Both cameras offer a panorama option, which allows you to capture wide-angle panoramas with one shot. The QooCam is quickly becoming the top 360 camera for photography, and Kandao has a great reputation in this area. Ricoh Theta Z1 is the closest camera, which has larger sensors.


Reframing is the main purpose of 360 cameras. This is when you take a 360 video and turn it into a normal video by adding keyframes. This allows for cinematic, smooth, and stable video. You can also control the camera’s position after filming. You can reframe your video using the GoPro Max app to create a standard 1080p video. Although the app is intuitive, it offers many options. However, the final quality of your video may be limited.

Again, the QooCam8K is capable of creating a 4K reframed video. This is a first for 360 cameras. To be able to edit 8K video, you’ll need a powerful computer. The workflow will be difficult.


The GoPro Max came with a variety of software options. The first is the app, which automatically creates videos from the clips you have shot. You can also quickly and easily reframe your 5K video to a 1080p. You can do the same thing with the desktop software but have more export options. Premiere Pro users will also be able to use the reframe plugin for intuitively resizing video. This software can be used to create amazing footage.

Kandao also offers both desktop and mobile software for QooCam 8K. The mobile app allows you to frame 8K footage, add filters, and change speed. You can stitch and render your video in the best quality using desktop software.

Other Features

  • The QooCam features 64GB of onboard memory and the option to upgrade to up to 256GB with a MicroSD Card. The Max does not have built-in storage, but its smaller file sizes don’t need as much memory.
  • The microphones on the GoPro Max capture 360 audio. The sound quality is excellent, so you won’t need an external microphone to record your voice. The QooCam 8K lacks high-quality in-built audio, but it does have a 3.5mm audio jack, allowing you to connect external devices if you like.
  • The QooCam has a gyroscope sensor and electronic image stabilization (EIS), which works to stabilize all moving videos. The GoPro Max features hyper smooth 2.0 stabilization, which is similar to the technology used in the QooCam.


The QooCam is better than the GoPro MAX in a number of ways: it has a higher resolution, has more features, and is easier to use.

If you are looking for a high-quality camera that can shoot in ultra-high definition, then the QooCam is the best option available.

If you are looking for a camera to take on holiday or adventure trips, then the GoPro MAX may be a better choice as it is more durable and waterproof.

Overall, the QooCam offers much better value for money and should be your first choice if you are looking for an ultra-high definition camera.

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