Nokia OZO Is Ready To Set Its Foot In The Market

“Camera” the six lettered word has the power to completely change your imagination and creativity. It is a tool that takes your imagination to a much higher level. Your whole approach towards a particular thing gets totally changed when you shoot right with the best camera. There are various cameras in the market; in spite of that Nokia has swept away everyone’s attention with their Nokia OZO 360 degree video camera which is their latest invention in Virtual Reality. The camera is equipped with best in class features and specification that allows it to capture a very impressive view of the world.

Are you excited to know more about this cam recorder right? Well, Nokia OZO review talks frankly about the efficiency of the camera and the performance that you can expect.

Nokia Ozo Review

Features and performance

Do you love 3D films? Do you believe in creating your own 3 D games and films ? If you are a true 3D games and film lover then this camera is built only for you. The camera has been designed with the purpose of making and exploring 3D games and films . You can experience your own creation with a VR headset that comes with it. Creating high quality VR content demands specialist equipment that can capture full panorama of any environment. Nokia OZO can record 3D stereoscopic video and audio with the help of eight synchronized shutters and built in integrated microphones. The microphones are quite powerful and can easily locate the specific area from where the sound or noise comes.

This is a wireless camera that has the ability to video recording with all other data stored in a single file. You can even instantly play the file as well. The camera can record 360 degree spherical video. It is completely wireless that helps it in recording 360 degree audio and videos without any interruption or obstacle.

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Saves time

The camera is especially helpful for the movie makers and directors as they can support live monitoring and can even view all its view point from a single display. Creation of Virtual Reality content is quite difficult and time consuming. However this extra ordinary camera has developmental features that cut down your time and that make it more efficient and user friendly. The content can also be viewed in a smart phone.



Other features

The camera uses eight synchronized 2k * 2k camera sensors and also hold up to 45 minutes footage. This camera is exclusively for professional media. Nokia guarantees that now its time for you to create history with OZO.


The camera justifies its price very well. The camera has been priced at US $60000. The features and the kind of performance it shows talks on behalf of its price. The camera can be expected in the first quarter of 2016.


Manufactured exclusively for the professionals, it would target customers who belong to a particular genre. Ever features of the camera will add to the fuel that will only ignite the creativity of the film makers. It is equipped with cutting edge technology that would give your creation a whole new shape. So what are you waiting for? Enthrall people and audiences from around the world with your most distinctive creations.

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