Mini EYE 4: Hand Crafted for the Discerning Photographer

The Mini EYE 4, by 360 Designs, is an ultra-high quality 360 video camera system developed by a team of camera operators, engineers, production crews, and artists. These experts come from a background in the production of television, live events, or filmmaking.

Their intent was to design professional camera rigs for virtual reality and 360 videos that were up to Hollywood standards. As a result, the company has been able to provide 360 cameras and live streaming for Dancing With the Stars, Oscars, Coachella, SXSW, and also Los Angeles Lakers games.

360 Designs officially unveiled their company and product designs at the September 2015 Techcrunch Disrupt annual conference in San Francisco, CA. Founded by Alx Klive, the company manufactures Mini EYE cameras that create high-end, immersive 360 videos for virtual reality and live streaming. The cameras are hand built and calibrated at their facility in San Francisco, CA.

Features And Specifications

  • Fully spherical, 360 X 180 equirectangular coverage
  • 4 cameras for increased image overlap
  • 4 Mini EYE camera mounts
  • 4 camera custom junction box
  • Modular design that allows 180degree camera rotation
  • Synchronized using fully genlocked video outputs up to 60 fps
  • HFOV 600 degrees image overlap that allows for advanced stitching or rotoscoping
  • VFOV 380 degrees with no zenith abberation and no nadir hole
  • High Power AC adapter with 4-pin XLR connector
  • Choice of CNC Aluminum or rugged Nylon 12 rig frame
  • Fisheye lenses with custom barrels and professional calibration
  • Four 6-foot heavy duty rubber XLR power cables
  • Four 12-inch SDI to mini SDI adapter tails for use when using Micro Studio Cameras
  • Four 6-inch heavy duty, Canare genlock cables
  • D-Tap battery cable with 4-pin XLR connector
  • Broadcast quality Blackmagic Sync Generator with custom accessory cable
  • Remote control using Belafonte ATEM software controller
  • Comes with wheeled Pelican Case carry case that is waterproof
  • Accessory kit with lens calibration tool, instructions and screwdriver
  • Fully equipped to photo shoot right out of the package

This camera was made by professionals for professionals. That means that the Mini EYE 4 works well in concerts, festivals, sports events, and other professional productions where you want lots of options and adaptability.

The Mini EYE Specifications


  • System works as soon as you take it out of the case
  • Custom lens package, professionally calibrated
  • All connections lock in place throughout the rig
  • Modular design allows for flexibility when adding new kits
  • Rear battery mount with safety option (patent pending)
  • All four cameras powered with only one AC adapter
  • 360 streaming option with increased image overlap
  • Fully spherical video with no hole in the zenith or the nadir
  • RAW internal recording with Micro Cinema Cameras
  • 13 fstops of dynamic range with Micro Cinema Cameras
  • Interchangeable camera mounts, cables and
  • 4 cameras give increased overlap to allow for advanced stitching techniques
  • Genlock box perfectly synchronizes the frames up to 60 fps
  • Comes with Belafonte camera control system designed for this rig

The Mini EYE review


  • Accessories and optional equipment for Mini EYE cameras still in development
  • Needs battery powered HDMI monitor (not provided)
  • Tripod or monopod not provided
  • Requires external recorders if using 4K Micro Studio Camera
  • Requires SD cards for RAW recording if using Micro Cinema Camera
  • Works best as medium to long range rig when considering stitching distance
  • Camera is not recommended for drones or where there will be significant shock
  • Need commercial stitching software
  • Needs CDN to encode stitched video (or use YouTube)

This is a professional rig for a professional camera operator. The cameras are hand assembled and custom calibrated according to the specifications given at the time they are ordered. Each photographer then has a unit that fits their individual requirements.

This is a great camera to use for special events that require Hollywood standards. In other words, the Mini EYE 4 is the perfect camera for photography specialist and professionals who strive for perfection in their work.

Price: $11,999–$13,999

Jeremy Carney creator. I'm a professional photographer and videographer. Making 360 videos is my passion and I share it with you.