LG 360 Cam: Amazing 360 Degree Recorder

Live life king size and hold your memories that will help you to relive those moments every seconds and every minute. With LG 360 degree video camera you can actually live your memories larger than life. Either it’s a celebration or a long trip or a vacation with your family, a good camera always makes your experience rich and luxurious. Throwing a big challenge to other contemporaries LG 360 degree cam recorder is the newest member in the growing 360 degree camera family. With all right reasons the camera has every quality that convinces you to go for it.


Features and specifications

You must be very eager to know every minute detail about this camera. Well, that’s quite obvious. Come on let’s have a look at LG 360 cam review.

Easy operation

Are you a novice? If yes, then this is just the right 360 degree camera for you. The camera is very easy to operate. There are no complications at all. In fact if you compare this with other 360 degree cameras in the market, LG 360 degree is the easiest to handle. While taking picture you just need to press the main button and in case of recording a video you need to hold the main button down. You just need to adjust the shutter speed, ISQ, white balance etc for a perfect shot.


The camera has excellent quality two built in 1.88 inches IPS screen with a resolution of 970*720 pixels, combining the both you will have 639 pixels per inch. That means it is greater than any 5 inch QHD display with 587 pixels per inch.

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What if the battery dries out while you are shooting? Don’t worry; the LED indicators on the side of the camera will give you indications regarding the status of battery life.


You can both shoot pictures and videos in 360 degrees. Amazing 13 MP dual cameras comes with 200 degrees each that allows you to capture 180 degree or 360 degree pictures and videos up to 2 K. The camera has 3 microphones that allow you to record 5.1 surrounding sounds.



Are you wondering how would you share your happiness and creativity with your friends and families? Manufacturer has taken care of every minute requirement that you can think of. With wifi and Bluetooth connectivity sharing the files and pictures with the whole world is done in a jiffy. You can directly upload your creations to YouTube and Google street view.

Storage capacity and battery life

The internal storage of the camera is 4 GB, if that is not sufficient for you; micro SD slot allows you to expand your storage. The camera comes with 1200 MAH battery which means you can easily shot for 70 mins continuously with a single charge. The battery can be charged with USB port.

Size and weight

The camera is very compact and the dimension of the product is 30*97*25 mm. the weight is around 72 grams and thus is very light and handy. The camera also comes with a headset and can be used with any android phones.


The camera is too cute and is very well made. It is a perfect choice of every traveler who wants to for a never ending trip. The camera is all set to woo its buyer in April 2016. Price is not yet announced.

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