Insta360 Nano 360: A Tiny 360 Camera Waiting for a Big Adventure

The Insta360 Nano 360 camera is a very small spherical camera designed to turn your smartphone into a panoramic gadget. Developed by Shenzhen Arashi Vision Co., Ltd, this panoramic camera attaches directly to your smartphone so you can take spherical photos and 360 degree videos in real time. The Nano 360 is Apple MFi certified to connect with the iPhone 6 (or higher) through the lightning port. This seamless connection allows you to instantly share on Facebook or live stream on other social sites. It even comes with virtual reality glasses so you can relive your total experience.

Features And Specifications

  • Size: 0.8 x 1.3 x 4.3 inches
  • Weight: 75 grams (2.6 ounces)
  • Dual Fisheye Lenses, each with 210 degree range
  • Storage: TransFlash card (MicroSD)
  • Battery Capacity: 800 mAh
  • Image Resolution: 3040 X 1520 @ 30fps
  • Storage Capacity: 64G
  • Aluminum housing with white laquer paint
  • 3.5mm Stereo Microphone Jack
  • Video files saved in MP4 format
  • Audio Files saved in MP3 format
  • Comes with Insta360 Studio Panoramic Editor
  • Insta360 Video Player provided
  • Micro USB cable
  • View Videos and Photos in VR mode or Gravity Mode
  • Comes with velvet carrying case

Insta360 Nano 360° Nano VR Camera, Dual Lens for iPhone, Pearl White
Insta360 Nano 360 accessories

For such a tiny device, this 360 camera smoothly integrates into your everyday lifestyle. It is user friendly and the precise optics capture your world at its best. From this review, you would expect it to cost a lot of money. Compared to the hundreds or thousands of dollars you can spend for other 360 cameras, this is a bargain — and a gem. Consider some of the things you can do with it.

Insta360 Nano 360 specifications


  • plug into your iPhone directly or use as stand alone device
  • plug into other smartphones or devices using the transfer cable
  • shoot photos and videos and preview them in real time
  • use 64GB of storage to create longer videos and store more photos
  • get real time 360 photo or video sharing on Facebook or WeChat
  • livestream your panoramic views on YouTube or Facebook
  • hook up a remote microphone to get crisp audio that go with your videos
  • use the precise optics and software to record in low light or harsh lighting
  • operate the camera with a couple of fingers on your smartphone display
  • capture videos and photos in 360 degree view without blind spots
  • use the provided cardboard glasses to create a VR experience


  • camera has it own battery so you will have to keep an eye on its power level, even if your phone is fully charged
  • 5v power adapter does not come with package
  • you need to take special care to keep from scratching the optics as the camera rolls around in your bag or pocket


The Insta360 Nano is the perfect camera for a 360 selfie. Because it is so easy to use, you can shoot photos or videos from any place and at any time. Even if you are a newbie, you will be able to share your world from every angle. You’ll also be able to set up an instant virtual reality experience with this gadget. With a camera like this, you’ll want to make up everyday adventures just so you can use it. Its that simple.

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  1. How long can you live stream to facebook? Also, when you’re live on facebook, can you see viewers comments through the Nano 360 app?

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