Insta360 Air 360 Video Camera Review

Everybody in today’s generation has reached the point, where every single moment will not pass without taking photos and recording videos of it. Trends in technology is growing so fast and everybody would love to be updated and then, upgrading their gadgets to enjoy this trend. People from different parts of the world are eager to get the latest craze because they would not let themselves left behind.

Smartphone features are used in keeping memories as a part of one’s daily lifestyle. Normally, these memories are uploaded and shared online over social media applications. So, the Insta360 have come up with a technology that could be very helpful in giving everybody a real-time and panoramic experience.

We have here a thorough review of the Air 360 Video Camera from the Insta360.

Specifications of the Insta360’s Air 360

  • 2560 x 1280 Video Resolution at 30 fps
  • 3008 x 1504 Photo Resolution
  • Live Streaming on 360 platforms and YouTube via Insta360 server
  • 360 Real-time video or photo sharing via social media apps
  • 360-degree video call via mobile apps
  • May connect in your smartphone device

Advantages of Using the Air 360

The Air 360 is a great advantage for social media photo or video uploaders. You may connect this camera on your smartphones. So, with simple clicks, you may come up with 360 photos or real-time videos to upload at an instant via social media apps, such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Messenger, WhatsApp and WeChat. Therefore, the ease of using it is good enough for those who are starting to learn the art of photography.

Insta360 Air 360 Video Camera Review

If you need to make video calls via Skype or other apps, then this is a very good device to use because of the high video quality. Photo editing skills are not necessary because of the Virtual Reality setting of the images that helps you in capturing the best moments of your life.

It is also an advantage to travelers and videographers because it is a small, spherical and a portable device. So, it is comfortable and convenient to use. Just prefect in catching 360-degree angles of the best spots and beautiful landscapes from your travel destinations.

Disadvantage of the Insta360’s Air 360

It could have been great if the Air 360 supports all types of smartphones. But, unfortunately, it is not compatible with some smartphone devices.


Having the Air 360 can make you feel like you are good at taking photos and videos. It is one way of boosting up your interest in photography and videography. It is easy to use and convenient, too. So, it would be fun to keep your social media accounts up to date and to keep your followers posted.

Communication is important, especially with a distant friend, family or colleague. You may connect the camera to your smartphone to make video calls. And then, with the high resolution that the Air 360 features, the video quality is indeed great.

You can get the Air 360 at an affordable and friendly price, so why not consider it for the best photo and video experience.

Jeremy Carney creator. I'm a professional photographer and videographer. Making 360 videos is my passion and I share it with you.