Giroptic 360cam Review

Giroptic 360cam Review

The Giroptic 360cam is the first full HD camera that cuts through spherical angles to record the full experience of the moment in 360 degrees. This camera is the only existing one that has the ability to record full spherical photos and videos without using any software or post processing. However, the camera has a unique egg-shaped design and enhanced features which enables it to serve its purpose. Below is the full Giroptic 360cam review.

Giroptic 360cam Review


  • Excellent picture burst mode.

The first amazing feature that you will find on the Giroptic 360cam is its excellent picture mode. This feature allows you to set the camera’s internal clock so that it can capture one photo at every interval. This means that you can set the camera’s timer and leave it for 24 hours and also utilize it when taking selfies at 360 degrees.

  • Has an impressive storage space.

This 360cam has an internal standard SD card slot located inside its waterproof case therefore you will not need extra room since its SD card support is up to 128GB. It also has an inbuilt adaptor that allows you to look at photos as soon as you take them thus making it easy for you to delete the unwanted photos.

  • Has a universal mount and micro USB port.

The Giroptic 360cam has a universal mount and a Micro-USB port that makes it compatible with other accessories. The Micro-USB port is also used for recharging the cameras battery and transferring files.

  • Live stream feature.

The camera has a live stream feature which you can take advantage of and use for security purposes at home since it has a portable power source that enables you stream live events and also give you updates. You can also use this feature to watch an ongoing concert by either putting yourself at the center of the stage or in the middle of a crowd.

  • Rubberized skin.

The Giroptic camera has a rubberized skin which makes it air tight and water resistant. This feature makes it suitable for capturing images in pools or any water sports events.

  • Has a LED screen.

The purpose of the LED screen featured on this camera is to indicate its battery status when the operating mode is on and also update you via messages in case of any errors on the camera.


  • Has an amazing picture mode that allows you to capture images at 360 degrees.
  • Has a great storage space i.e. SD card support is up to 128GB.
  • Its egg shaped design makes it compact and portable.
  • It is easily compatible with other devices since it has a universal mount and a Micro-USB port.
  • It is designed with materials that make it durable. I.e. shock and water resistant.
  • The camera can record up to one hour non-stop.


  • It is quite expensive i.e. $500

Many people all over the world love cameras but very few have had the opportunity to have the ultimate shooting experience by using the Giroptic 360cam. The Giroptic 360cam review that we have outlined above offers a full guide for anyone who is looking to purchase a camera that will give him the ideal shooting experience by capturing every moment as it happens on a 360 degrees angle.