Geonaute 360 Camera Review

Sports and action cameras have become some of the widest spread digital devices today. The Geonaute 360 camera is a 360 degrees action and sports camera and is also the first of its kind. The camera has image sensors and three wide angle lenses that enable it to capture an almost complete spherical view of its surroundings. The whole idea of filming in 360 degrees using this camera is to free the user of worrying too much about camera angles therefore allowing him or her to focus when shooting during various adventures such as snowboarding, biking, skiing etc. The Geonaute 360 camera has special features and specifications that we have outlined in the Geonaute 360 camera review.

Geonaute 360 Camera Review

Specifications and Features

  • Geonaute 360 camera has a 360 degrees spherical video and photo mode.
  • The camera can shoot wide angle lenses of 360 degrees horizontal and 150 degrees vertical.
  • This camera is a lightweight device that weighs less than 200 grams, batteries included.
  • Has an extensive long life battery which lasts up to 2 hour during shooting. The batteries provided are Li-ion rechargeable batteries.
  • The Geonaute 360 camera has an interface micro USB and a microSD that has a 32GB storage capacity and can also take mp4 file formats. There is also additional 3GB storage space that comes with the purchase of the camera.
  • It has a weather resistant body which makes it durable i.e. water proof and shock proof.
  • The camera comes with mobile apps with gyroscopic motion included which enable you to have full control of your content.
  • It also has basic editing features and 1500 songs are available to use during movie editing using this camera.
  • This camera has a single axis and can be submerged up to 1 meter because it has a number of accessories and mounting options.
  • The Geonaute 360 camera has been designed in a manner that it can be mounted into sports equipment’s such as helmets and other head gears.
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  • It has a microSD support. Has a microSD that can hold up to 32GB of data and an extra 3GB storage space that comes with the purchase of the camera.
  • The Geonaute 360 camera has an extensive 2 hour battery life. They are Li-ion batteries which are rechargeable.
  • The action and sports camera can record 360 degrees videos and still images which the user can later explore using different angles on a mobile or computer device.
  • It is equipped with 3 wide angle lenses which capture data within 360 degrees horizontal and 150 degrees vertical field of view.
  • This camera can easily be controlled using a wrist watch style remote therefore the user does not have to fumble with it when it is strapped to a motorbike helmet or any other head gear.
  • The camera has a weather resistant body which makes it shock proof and water proof.
  • It is a lightweight device that weighs only 200 grams making it portable.
  • The camera has several mounts, adapters and accessories for sports lovers.


  • The Geonaute 360 camera is quite expensive. It costs $499.00

The Geonaute 360 camera review has information that can help anyone looking to purchase this camera to have an awesome sports and action shooting experience. The camera can also be used in situations such as dinner with friends or any other social get together.

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    It looks this product does not exist anymore ?!

    • April 5, 2016 at 6:00 pm

      Really. I can’t find any information about Geonaute 360 on the official website. Strangely…


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