Garmin VIRB 360 vs Insta 360 ONE X – They Go Beyond The Expectations

Garmin VIRB 360 and Insta 360 ONE X are in the spotlight these days; they are very popular in the market for people who want to buy a camera that fulfils all their needs. Both Garmin VIRB 360 and Insta 360 ONE X are having a tough competition in the market. Customers are amazed by the power of filming that these cameras offer, but yet again when it comes to competition, both can’t be best and can’t be bought by one customer; customers have to choose which one to go for.

Insta 360 ONE X

This camera features the latest high-quality technology and the company proclaims it to be a remarkable 360 camera which is instilled with 32 features that distinguish it from other competing 360 cameras in the market.

Garmin VIRB 360

It is a brand new 360 camera by Garmin and is considered to be one of the best 360 cameras ever. Although it’s too much to claim, yet the manufacturer has been backing this statement even before its release. It has all the features that professional photographers would want in a 360 camera and it carries some additional features that someone might have never even thought about.

Feature comparison:

Following is the comparison between features of Garmin VIRB 360 and Insta 360 ONE X. You can decide which feature is the deciding factor for your purchase:

Insta 360 One X Features:

  • Crystal water drop experience: The spherical lens provides a smooth click even underwater without any inconvenience due to the safety of device case.
  • Detachable battery: With the advanced detachable battery convenience you can take a long vacation without worrying about battery consumption, you can take the extra charged batteries you have and enjoy your trip.
  • In-camera editing: Now you don’t have to wait anymore to transfer your pictures to your mobile or laptop to see the perfect shot after editing. You can just edit your pictures in-camera; if you are having a bad hair or makeup day, you can use the beautifying filters for the videos and pictures to get the perfect result.
  • Live preview: This new feature lets you get a live view without having a wire attached.
  • 360 live streaming: 360 live streaming is a real time feature with best options; you can live stream for the favorite social media sites with a high-quality resolution of 2560×1280.
  • High Definition Resolution Video Graphics: You can enjoy the HDR features in Insta ONE X that lets you capture the panoramic view in an aggressive range.
  • Time Shift: It lets you change the fast motion video in to slow one while giving an outclass result.
  • Flow state stabilization: ONE X provides the perfect stabilization feature called the “Flow State” while experiencing the unstable shots.
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Garmin VIRB 360 Features:

  • 7k 360 video: Garmin has announced the 5.7k 360 camera, leaving all the 4k users in trance to judge the quality of video. VIRB 360 makes the video as good as HD. The video can be downloaded from camera using a software.
  • Waterproof: It is the first camera which is waterproof without any need of casing and housing. You can use it without the risk of damaging it while capturing shots near water. It is waterproof to 10m and can take wonderful 5k shots underwater.
  • Maximum stabilization: VIRB 360 features the stabilization software at an advanced level. It keeps the direction of the image focused by telling the direction in which you are going; this avoids inconveniences where sudden turns befuddle the view.
  • Voice control: The manual processing of the camera is becoming a nightmare for the users – Garmin VIRB voice feature lets you give the camera commands to start and stop recording, take pictures and change mode. The “remember that” feature instructs the camera to label a specific moment.
  • Data overlays: VIRB creates the augmented reality overlays which shows the date from the sensors inside the camera. You can include speedometer, heart-beat, location and display the data in different attractive overlays on the video.
  • Other features: Stabilization software with augmented reality, data overlay and additional features of accelerometer, 360 audio and gyroscope.

Spec comparison:

Professionals are concerned with specifications of 360 cameras. Mostly, the deciding factor for their camera purchase are the actual specifications of the product. Let us take a look at the specifications of both these cameras:

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Insta 360 ONE X Specifications:

  1. Lenses: Insta ONE X has two fish eye lenses for taking pictures and recording videos.
  2. Picture resolution: Pictures can be taken in JPEG and DNG raw format up to the size of 6080×3040.
  3. Video resolution: Videos can be recorded in the mp4 log available up to 30 fps, 50 fps, and 100 fps.
  4. Live streaming: Insta 360 can go for stabilized live streaming on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Weibo and others.
  5. Shutter speed: The shutter speed of Insta 360 is 1/8000 to 120 sec.
  6. Microphone: The camera also has an inbuilt microphone stereo.
  7. Battery: The battery is removable and lasts longer – up to 60 minutes.
  8. Connectivity: Insta 360 ONE X could connect with the 5G Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and MFI connector.
  9. Compatibility: The camera has compatibility connection with iOS, Mac, Android and Windows.

Garmin VIRB 360 Specifications:

  1. Video Resolution: The video resolution of Garmin VIRB 360 gives the 5.7K @ 30fps to enjoy high definition cinematic effect video resolution to capture some real-time memories.
  2. Photo Resolution: This 15-megapixel camera gives a high resolution shot to take HD resolution pictures.
  3. Number of Lens: The two lenses in one camera lets you take pictures with high focus and zoom-in capability.
  4. Waterproof: Garmin VIRB 360 is waterproof and stays protected inside the water for up to ten minutes.
  5. Shockproof: The camera has a shockproof body with the ability to resist shocks thus minimizing damage to the camera.
  6. Memory: The microSD card in Garmin VIRB 360 can save up to 128GB of data. The higher the picture quality, so is the size of the picture.
  7. Battery: The battery lasts longer and you can make video constantly for an hour if the camera is fully charged.
  8. Compatibility: This 360-camera is compatible with Android and Apple smartphones.

With the comparison of features and specifications of both these cameras, there is no competition when it comes to the quality of video and graphics. Customers can decide which camera to buy based on the difference in features, designs and experience it gives to capture amazing memories of lifetime.

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