DETU Wireless 360 Video Camera Review

Do you want to capture best videos and images for future memories? With a mere click you can save a memory for a life time. With a DETU Wireless 360 video camera, it introduces a new way of capturing the reality of the world around you. It captures the images in 360 video-format video that is not only fully interactive, but also optimized for cell phone devices and social plat-forms. Travelers and photographers are thrilled for the release of this product. The camera will sell for under $145.99. And with that affordable price, it will meet all of your expectations, more especially if you love traveling a lot. Isn’t that an amazing offer! The DETU Wireless review is summarized below.

DETU Wireless description

  • Surround and multiple view modes: Fisheye, Panorama, Planet and Hemisphere lens. Original 360° × 236° panoramic lens offer wider-field of view
  • 1080p full-HD recording functionality, and industry leading image processing with 8 MP, gives you more details of speed and quality just by a push of button.
  • Built-In Wi-Fi: you just download the DETU Camera App and connect with the Wi-Fi. Then you can operate or review the images or videos via Android or iOS device.
  • Support TF card up-to 32GB.
  • Max View Angle: 236 Degree (wall Mount) and 360 Degree
  • Remote control with mobile app control for iOS and Android
  • It contain a Micro SD Card storage -2 Insert Micro SD Card, 4GB/8GB/16GB/32GB
  • 3 flexible type viewing: mobile connected, view on your Android
  • Charging supplier Supported By 5V /1A
  • It has indications such as light (LED), vibration, sound.
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Get DETU Wireless 360 Degree Panoramic Sports

DETU Wireless 360 Video REview

Operation Information

Are you wondering on how this product is operated? Well, it’s truly an easy to use machine. If you only follow the provided procedure, you will be amused on the simplicity of its operation. Here is the procedure to help you operate it without being troubled:

Turn on by Pressing the power button ⑦ Pair with your cell phone – but ensure you have down-loaded and install the App of DETU Camera. Press the Wi-Fi button ⑥ and connect Wi-Fi Sphere+ SN with default password 12345678. Enter main screen, Take photos or videos by Pressing button ③, and Select the photo, or video mode.


Full camera Control by way of cell phone app on iOS and Android.The cameras has ultra wide lenses to capture360 degree vertical and 236 degree horizontal imagesIt captures a high quality videos and photos in 236° view without blind spots.


  • The camera is relatively affordable
  • Multiple view modes makes more fun
  • With the 8 MP, it offers you more details of speed and quality just by a push of button.
  • you can operate or re-view the videos or images via iOS device ,or Android
  • Easy installation and flexible placement
  • Flexible viewing
  • Original 360° × 236° panoramic lens gives wider field of view


  • The resolution isn’t awesome

So are you planning for your vacation? Well, rest is assured. As with DETU Wireless 360 camera, you won’t afford to miss memorable times at your vacation. It is interesting and fun at an attractive price and great new way to record life. Indeed, it’s price is worth what it can do. Isn’t it an awesome product! Try your luck and experience sweet memories yourself.

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