Choosing the Right 360 Conference Camera: A Comprehensive Guide

What is the best 360 conference camera? There are many options to choose from, and it can be overwhelming. In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about choosing a great 360-degree conference camera for your business. We’ve compiled all of the information you’ll need in order to make an informed decision on which one is right for you!

What is a 360 Conference Camera?

360 conference cameras are an innovative new take on the traditional video conferencing tool. They capture events from multiple angles, making them ideal for meetings where more than one person is speaking or presenting at once. The 360-degree camera can allow you to monitor what’s happening around you while still focusing on and being present during your own time slot; this creates a flexible environment that benefits both speakers/presenters as well as those attending their presentations!

How to Choose the Right Camera for You

Choosing the right 360 conference camera for your needs can be a daunting task. There are lots of different brands, models, and prices to consider when shopping around. Don’t worry though! We’ve got you covered with this handy buying guide that will help narrow down your options based on what’s most important to you:

  • Price
  • Memory Capacity
  • Video Quality

Every consideration gets an in-depth analysis so you know exactly which one is best for you and why it would work well in any situation.

Why Should You Get One?

Conference cameras are a fantastic way to capture every aspect of your event. They’ll fit in any tight space, and provide immersive visuals for all viewers across the globe!

Imagine how many people would be able to watch and attend your session when it’s happening online in real-time, not just at the actual venue. It gives them a chance without having to actually show up “in person”. And if there is no live stream available at this point in time? That means someone missed out big-time on what could potentially have been one of their favorite sessions ever!

Things to Consider When Buying 360 conference camera

1. Quality

Higher resolution, better quality videos. Lower resolutions can be clearer for viewing on a computer screen but not as good visually when uploaded to Facebook Live or YouTube 360 Live.

2. Streaming or Recording

If you want to show video chats, then you need to record the video and not stream it. Even if your camera is good at recording videos in 1080p, it can’t also stream them in that quality.

3. Microphone

It is important for a user to have good quality. But some people have more control over their environment than others. Those who stream or make videos will be able to do so in areas that don’t have a lot of noise. For those who work in an office, you need a microphone with noise reduction technology.

4. Zoom

Zooming in can make it hard to see what is going on in your video footage. To help, try to have a camera with good auto-focus. This will keep things from getting blurry and people from not being able to see.

5. FOV (Field of View)

The field of view is important for videos. If you want to show more, then make the field of view wider. It’s important for some people, but not all people.

4 Best-Selling 360 Conference Cameras

Meeting Owl Pro

meeting owl pro

Meeting Owl Pro is a remarkable new innovation for people who want to be the star of every meeting. The Meeting Owl Pro automatically locks onto the person speaking, meaning you’re always at the center of attention and it couldn’t be simpler to use! Just plug-and-play and conveniently connect to web-based video conferencing platforms.


  • automatically focuses on whoever is speaking
  • plug and play simplicity
  • Compatible with virtually all web-based video conferencing platforms
  • WiFI enabled to get feature upgrades


  • the microphone is not powerful enough for a meeting over 3 persons
  • bad at following female voices

Kandao Meeting 360 All-in-One Conferencing Camera

Kandao Meeting 360

The Kandao Meeting 360 All-in-One Conferencing Camera automatically recognizes and follows the different active speakers. You get smooth panning with no effort involved! This product is compatible with most video conferencing software, so it will add some spice to your meetings. And if you are someone who has trouble hearing while on a conference call, the noise reduction feature will be much appreciated by you. But the audio quality is poor, as in it’s not clear and cuts out periodically.


  • automatically recognize and follow the different active speakers with smooth panning
  • compatible with Most Video Conferencing System
  • noise Reduction


  • audio quality isn’t the greatest

Coolpo 360 video conference camera

Coolpo 360 video conference camera

The Coolpo 360 video conference camera is a simple plug-and-play device. Features include motion and sound detection which snap automatically to the right person as they’re speaking, cutting down on unwanted grunting and giggling in your promotional videos. The system includes a microphone for broadcasting your voice, eliminating the need to shout over loud sounds. All of this comes at an affordable price!

Honestly, the Coolpo 360 is a cool idea in theory but poorly executed. Sound quality kind of sucks and the built-in microphone cuts out when it’s near your face. The power cable isn’t even long enough to be useful so you’re going to have to buy an extension cable for another $10 bucks or leave it plugged into an outlet right by the camera.


  • USB plug and play
  • motion and sound detection system
  • price


  • face tracking is hit or miss
  • sound quality of the speakers is acceptable, but certainly not great
  • the included power cable is extremely short

KanDao Meeting Pro 360° Conference Camera

KanDao Meeting Pro 360°

You can now have live meetings anywhere with the KanDao Meeting Pro 360° Conference Camera! This conference camera supports wireless screen sharing and remote view adjusting. Simply plug in, set up, and use for your next meeting or presentation. Everything is all taken care of so no need to worry about wires getting in a tangle at the last minute. Stay fit with our portable design that allows you to take it on the switch anytime, any place!


  • auto self-adaptive HD screen
  • Bluetooth remote control
  • easily plug and use with different modes
  • portable use and carry


  • problem with the microphone


Do I need additional equipment?

No, the camera needs no additional equipment and is ready to be used with Bluetooth remote control.

Where to mount the 360 conference camera?

A great place for a 360 conference camera is the center of a table in a meeting room.

How do I connect my 360 conference camera to cloud video services?

All you need to do is to have accounts in these video conferencing services. And the camera must already be connected to a laptop or other device.

In conclusion

The 360 Conference Camera provides an immersive experience, so you won’t miss a thing with the high-quality video coming from every angle. The camera also has other features that will keep your mind on course in any meeting!

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