LUNA 360 VR Camera Review

Luna 360, a buyer inviting camera set to be discharged not long from now, gives an available approach to anybody to shoot 360-degree home motion pictures and fare them for survey on virtual reality gadgets.

Coordinated Wi-Fi empowers live spilling, also, and the camera itself is waterproof with an IP68 rating. Luna adheres to any metal surface by means of an attractive connector, and has a discretionary embellishment pack including a mono pod, general adornment connector, key chain and docking station. At 170g/6oz and 6cm/2.36in breadth it’s nearby in size and weight to a pool ball.



  • Measurements: ≒ 2.54 inch (64.5 mm) distance across, round
  • Weight: < 150g


  • View: Fish eye Lenses 190 FOV x 2 = 360 Full Sphere View
  • Picture Sensor: 5MP x 2


  • 4000 Lens 1080p 30fps 360 Video
  • 4000 Lens 2000 Photo 360 Photo


  • Portocal: RTSP
  • Bitrate: 1Mbps
  • VR Online Player enabled: YouTube, Facebook, LittlStar


Different elements incorporate a five-megapixel 360 camera for stills, a receiver to get the sound and also contains an attractive base to connect it to a large group of frill. The rechargeable battery ought to get you around forty min of footage before you have to go after the charger also.

Two fish eye lenses cooperate to give 360-degree scope. Auto-sewing innovation then makes a consistent looking picture that can be seen in a virtual reality headset, for example, Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR or the amazingly moderate Google Cardboard.

There’s a 9-hub gyrator on board to keep footage from turning into a stammering chaos and it’s even IP68 certified waterproof, so you can throw it in the water

LUNA 360 Review

Pros of using LUNA 360 VR Camera

  1. Catches totally circular 14MP photographs and 1080p video
    Bublcam utilizes four 190-degree 1.6 MP lenses to catch totally circular 1
  2. Fantastic sewing
    Bublcam utilizes its own product as a part of request to join pictures together to make the 360 perspective. The product utilized is very great and naturally makes a picture with no odd artifacts or joining that is obvious.
  3. Continuous in-camera sewing and gushing
    The camera does not require utilizing an additional instrument, similar to a desktop application or a cloud administration, to line the picture together. It is done in-camera. The outcome can be seen constant on both desktop gadgets through web viewer and cell phones by means of local iOS and Android applications by gushing it over Wi-Fi.
  4. Settles the camera while in development

Disadvantages of using this camera

  1. Battery can continously record just for 60 minutes
    The battery is being depleted rapidly, and the document is erased when the camera comes up short on
  2. Constrained transferring to the cloud
    Photos must be exchanged to the cloud every one at a time, which will not be lovely. A whirligig fused with the six centimeter circle makes stable video, which can then be traded to a customer’s phone or PC. Luna’s running with application licenses customers to trim and change their recordings and what’s more take two-dimensional photo gets.

There were not any recognizable creases of where the recordings were sorted out to make a 360-degree experience when utilizing Google Cardboard. The $199 early purchaser cost is set to reach $299 in the not so distant future, as indicated by Memora, the organization behind Luna.

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